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Blocked Toilet Services And Plumbers

Blocked Toilet Plumber

Looking for a blocked toilet plumber ? Is your Toilet Overflowing With Poop ? or is your Toilet Overflowing After Flush ? There is nothing more annoying than having a blocked toilet and needing to go to the toilet to relieve yourself with either number 1 or number 2's . A blocked toilet also causes other complications from an infectious pint of view while we are at it. Bacteria running along floors, septic odours floating around and the smell of feces is just unbearable. 
One such blocked toilet service for this is actually in Australia Sydney, located in Campbelltown NSW 2560 post code. These guys are one of the best plumbers in Campbelltown South Western Sydney.
This where you need a plumber for a clogged toilet. Commercial plumbing services not so much unless it is a commercial toilet but mostly residential toilets which block up. If you can't afford a plumber.

Not Using Overflowing Toilet Plumbers

How To Unblock Toilets When Nothing Works 

  1. Use Plunger To Unblock A Toilet.
  2. Combination of Baking Soda and Vinegar.
  3. Try a Plumbing Snake For Starters.
  4. Use Dish Soap and Hot Water. If a plumbing snake does not work, water and soap may be what you need. ...
  5. Suck out the Clog with Wet/Dry Cleaner. ...
  6. Using Wire Hanger. ...
  7. Use an Enzyme Product. ...
  8. Use Chemical Drain Cleaner.

How to unblock a toilet without a plunger 

  1. Dish Soap. Pour half a cup of dish soap into your toilet and let it sit in the bowl for a little while before trying to flush. ... 

I bet you never thought of this Idea when it comes to unblocking toilet pipes ? Pour half a cup of dish soap into your toilet and let it sit in the bowl for a little while before trying to flush. Hopefully, it will sink down and coat the sides of the pipe enough to ease the passage of the clogged mass. If you’re down to your last drop of dish soap, you can cut a bar of soap into cubes and use those instead.. This has worked in many cases when it comes to unclogging toilet pipes. Being a washing liquid which is really slippery, it also works well for a blocked kitchen sink


2. Using Hot Water To Unblock Toilets

Hot water has also been used widely through the decades for unblocking toilet pipes at home. This can save you loads of money when it comes to not needing a plumbing service
Pour a bucket of hot water into the toilet from waist-level (to prevent it from splashing the toilet bowl’s contents all over your bathroom and you), which could force the clogged mass through the pipe with very little effort. Feces can go really soft and break down in the process which helps clear a blocked toilet. 
You can combine this method with the soap method to maximize your chances of solving your problem; just make sure the water you use is not boiling, which could crack the porcelain. Thy this method and see how you go. 

3. Using A Wire Hanger To Unblock a Toilet

This method doesn't work all the time because blockages are usually far deeper than a coat hanger can reach but is definitely worth a try if it saves you some serious money. Grab a wire hanger from your closet and untwist it until you have one straight length of wire. Then, use it just like you would a drain snake: Stick it down into the pipe and poke the mass until it gets dislodged or broken up enough to continue through the pipe. 


4.Using Baking Soda To Unblock A Toilet 

There are many different types of agents, powders or chemicals that can be used to unblock a toilet.  One of the most common chemicals that you can use is Baking soda for unblocking a toilet. Pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar into your toilet and let it sit for half an hour. It might unclog the pipe on its own, but feel free to pour in a bucket of hot water if it doesn’t.

5. Using A Plastic Bottle For Unblocking A Toilet. 

If you felt like the wire hanger method was a little too hands-on for your comfort, you might not be keen on the plastic bottle trick—but it could be your ticket to a clog-free toilet. First, take as much water out of your toilet bowl as possible, and fill up a plastic bottle with warm water. 
After donning a pair of rubber gloves (or large plastic bags, in a pinch), plug the top of the bottle with your thumb, and place the bottle and your thumb at the mouth of the pipe. Then, remove your thumb and squeeze the bottle to propel the water, and hopefully the clogged mass, through the pipe. Especially if your Toilet Overflowing For No Reason. This is when you need a Blocked Toilet Plumber.

When All Else Fails With A Blocked Toilet 

If you have tried the above methods and have all but basically given up, you just may have to bite the bullet and call for the expertise of a plumber in your area. Depending on whether it is a toilet for residential or commercial, this will determine if you need a residential or commercial plumber. 

Campbelltown Plumbers Sydney NSW Australia

As stated earlier, if you happen by any chance to live in Australia in the Southern Highlands of the Macarthur regions, there is a plumbing service in Macarthur Campbelltown that will cater not to just blocked toilets or kitchen sinks or just  blocked storm water, but basically everything to do with blocked pipework, pipe installation such as new plumbing installations, hot water system installations everything needed for commercial or residential plumbing. You need a licensed plumber that can cater to your every whim, and one that has been around for some time in terms of plumbing services



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